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harpseal2On the ice in the midst of a seal nursery where they were born, pups will be killed in sight of their mothers; adults will also be shot, stabbed and clubbed. When protests against the seal began thirty years ago, tens of thousands of seals were being killed, and today hundreds of thousands of seals are being killed. We need new solutions to bring an end to the largest tax payer funded slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Find out what The Humane Society of Canada is doing to stop this, and how you can help. Because when it comes to fighting cruelty, we don’t give up. Ever.

ragged jacketOffering no proof that they actually even enforce the law, government politicians and the sealing industry claim that no whitecoat harp seal pups are killed any longer. The term "whitecoat" refers to the stage of development of a pup, and means the pup is 14 to 21 days of age (shown above on the left). Instead, sealers simply wait less than a day until the seal’s fur begins to moult (shown to the left) before they club, stab or shoot the seal pup.

This special website has been set-up by The Humane Society of Canada to make it easy for supporters to make a life saving donation to help save the seals.

On behalf of the seals, thank you for your kindness, generosity and compassion.

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Michael O'Sullivan
Chairman & CEO
The Humane Society of Canada





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